Published On: November 3, 2016

Before you answer the question ‘what kind of company profile video you need’ or ‘what should an ideal company profile video look like’ you need to understand ‘why you need a company profile video in the first place’.

Are you getting a company profile video because:

  1.       It’s fashionable to get one these days.
  2.       To stay ahead in the competition.
  3.       Because it helps the google ranking of your business.

Obviously, a company profile video helps with all the above-mentioned things, but so does any other corporate video, isn’t it?

A company profile video is different because it isn’t only about the product or service you offer. Rather, it is more about those behind that product or service. It is about YOU and YOUR STORY. It’s is about all those people who have made the company possible. It is about how they connect with the company and what it means to work for the company. It is about their stories and their motivations.

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Why is a company profile video important for your business?

So an ideal company profile video is that which tells these stories in the most entertaining and engaging manner. A lot of people think that ‘Company profile videos’ and the adjective ‘interesting’ is more of an oxymoron. Absolutely not! A company profile video can be extremely interesting and engaging. The real question is HOW?

Focus on the idea and the script: A company profile video is not simply a collection of random shots of the infrastructure and workplace. Take a minute and go back to what we said earlier- it is about YOU and YOUR STORY. Every business has stories to tell and that too exciting ones. It could be about its conception, inception, operations, setbacks, challenges or its guiding principles. Your audience is eager to know you the way they have never known you before. Let your company profile video give them this chance. It creates an instant connection when you face your audience and tell them about your values, vision and journey. This story needs to be told well and for this, you need only two things: Being original and Being relevant to your audience.

Tell the story through the camera: The reason why you are investing in a company profile video instead of simply writing about it is that you want to be heard, understood and create the best impression possible. It is a cliché now that pictures are worth a million words. But if that is so, we can’t even start figuring out the exact worth of a video aka moving pictures. Let the camera narrate your story by focusing on things that your audience may relate to or find interesting. Highlight your core strengths and things that make you unique. Don’t forget, the visual medium has its appeal but it becomes truly powerful in the hands of a good story-teller.  

FlowInk Pictures Company profile video for manufacturing companies and industry

The story of a company is best told through a video

Conjure up a captivating sight: It might sound a little harsh that no one is as interested and excited about your story as much as you are. But like they say, ‘true excitement is infectious’. A company profile video attracts and engages your audience through its audio-visual appeal. If you think the music, voice-over and text appearing on the screen are minor additions in the video, then you are wrong. Each of these elements combines to produce an impactful video-watching experience. So make sure you don’t neglect any aspect of the video. They are not only important for aesthetic purposes but also help in setting the right mood for your viewers.

Lastly, you need to understand that your company profile video is not a substitute for anything else. Rather, it is an important way to connect, reach out and influence your target audience. Whatever be the industry you belong to, a company profile video is always useful. It will help you build and enhance your image among your stakeholders and contribute directly to making you a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Want to know more about company profile videos and how to get one for your business? Drop us a line here and we would be happy to help.

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