Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

To help us realise the dream of owning a private jet one day. KIDDING!

Choose us because we are:

  • CREATIVE: We are new and brimming with fresh ideas and new perspective. We love challenges and crave to do things that have never been attempted before.
  • RELIABLE: We want to be your video production partner in the long term so that you can count on us whenever you need a video.
  • RELEVANT: Our videos are designed to address your audience needs so that they feel connected with your brand story.
If there is a type of video you have seen or heard, chances are, we can make them for you. You can see the full list of our services here.
The cost depends primarily on length, style and complexity of the video. For live action videos, the cost depends on the no. of shoot days, equipment’s, locations and artists and crew size. The cost of an animated video depends on the complexity and length of the video.
At FlowInk Pictures, we follow a streamlined process to make sure that the final video is in tune with your requirements and meets the delivery deadline.We kick off the process by understanding your requirements through discussions and then set clear goals, objectives and deadlines. This is followed by a script, storyboard, filming, voice-over, editing, animation and music. The entire video production process can be seen here.
It depends on the complexity and length of the video. Good videos take time. On average, we deliver most videos between 2-3 weeks(feedback time not included).
Your involvement at every step helps us ensure that you get the video you’ve always wanted. You get two rounds of feedback each for Ideation, Scripting, Storyboard, Animation and Editing. For Voice-over, you get one round of feedback. (We move from one stage to the other only if you’ve approved the previous stage. Remember, you can’t go back and change the approved stage.) This is always enough if you’ve provided clear, detailed and to the point feedback. But in the rare case where you need more revisions, we’ll charge based on the complexity of the feedback.
Although FlowInk Pictures follows a streamlined video production process to keep things organised, we also believe in being flexible to cater to our clients and their unique requirements. To make sure that our videos are always original and fresh in terms of idea and execution, for each project we assemble a team of specialists which includes filming crew, editor, sound designer, voice-over artist, actors, models and support staff.
It depends. We recommend the video to be as short as possible, mostly between 60-150 seconds. This is because of the reducing attention span of the customers. But depending on the requirements, the videos could be longer. It goes without saying that good content always attracts viewership irrespective of duration.
Producing a video is a team work and we appreciate your involvement. Please provide as much detail as possible when starting the project and during feedbacks. But also understand that you’ve hired us because you trust our creative abilities. So while your involvement is necessary, too much interference and micro-management will hinder our creative team. We expect you to trust our abilities.
Getting started is simple. Fill out the form or call us for a detailed discussion on the requirements, goals and objectives of the video. Once that is done, we will share a formal quotation with clear milestones. After this, we will share a Video Services Agreement along with the invoice of 50% of the total amount. Once the payment is received, the video production process kicks off.
Any. If you invent a language, we can create a video in that language too. 🙂
Any format you wish to have the video in. Just let us know before the video production process begins.
Yes. Upon request. Once the project is finished, if you wish to, please take a copy of your source files and raw footages. We maintain a copy of it upto 14 days after the completion of project after which it might be deleted.
Emails, Phone, One-on-one meeting, and Skype. However, if you prefer any other medium of communication, let us know.