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The idea of using a video ad as a potent marketing tool was first realised in the 1940s. Since then, we have come a long way. From TV to YouTube, the video advertising industry has evolved drastically with technological advances in the last eight decades, be it in its making or distribution. And its spot as one of the favourite marketing tools of companies and advertisers has remained unchallenged. A video ad, at its core, is essentially a celebration of powerful storytelling that can keep the audience engaged. Therefore, an ad film should, more than anything else, be able to connect with its target audience, keep them involved and make them believe in its message. FlowInk Pictures is a leading ad film production company in Delhi, delivering high-quality, captivating, and impactful advertisements for brands.

FlowInk Pictures is one of the top ad film agencies in Delhi that can help you elevate your marketing game by producing video ads that are creative, budget-friendly and highly engaging.

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What does a video ad look like?

A video ad can be emotional, quirky, funny, satirical, or even controversial. The motive of an ad film is to connect with its audience and create maximum recall value for the brand. There are many ways to approach an ad film from the brand and a production perspective. However, some things remain valid for all pieces of a good advertisement.

A good ad or commercial focuses on delivering one main message. The story that propels this message is paramount. That is why the video ad’s concept and message define everything else, like tone, treatment, and video length. Always try something

new or exciting to grab the attention of the audience. An ad can achieve this through the story, characters, celebrity, message or anything. Being creative in planning and execution is the key.

Another crucial aspect of ad films is their treatment. When we think of a video ad, we are almost always thinking of a live shoot ad involving actual people. However, several successful ads have also been executed through animation.

As an ad film production companies, we, at FlowInk Pictures understand the nuances of creating a video ad that works for your brand and your audience.


Why is a video ad commercial important?

Video ads are an effective marketing tool for reaching out to your audience and spreading the message. Therefore, it is particularly important for big brands and small and medium enterprises and startups alike.

Understandably, the cost of broadcasting ads has been a significant hindrance. But with the Internet changing the game, OTT platforms, social media channels and video hosting platforms have made it easy for companies to target and reach out to their audience.

Ad Commercials are ideal promotional tools as they can forge a connection with the viewers, directly impact the sales and create brand value. What also makes video ads such a popular choice is their ability to offer measurable results. With the Internet becoming such a democratic space, it is easy to target and assess the viewership and generate quality leads.

FlowInk Pictures is a video ad agency based out of Delhi NCR but catering to clients all over India. We understand the importance of ads in a company’s marketing plan and deliver brilliant ads crafted for their unique brand message.

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How long should an ad film be?
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When it comes to the length of ads, it is crucial to keep them precise, to the point and crisp. Therefore, if the message can be delivered in the shortest amount of time, there is no better virtue than that. The platform where the ad will be played also has a vital role in deciding its length. Usually, the duration of ads ranges from 10 to 60 seconds. It is always advisable to create an ad, keeping in mind that shorter versions can be extracted and played on various platforms for maximum exposure.

However, if there is a powerful story to tell and the video extends to more than a minute, there is no harm in that too. The longer an ad can retain its audience’s attention, the better it is for the brand.

FlowInk Pictures has years of experience as an ad film production company. We make ads not only for companies based in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon but also serve clients from other cities like Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Dehradun, Kolkata and more.

  • The impact of a video ad is unbeatable.

  • The ad film should focus on communicating one main message.

  • Keep the ads short unless you have a gripping tale to tell.

  • Don’t be afraid of trying something new and exciting.

  • Create different versions of the ad films in various lengths.

As a leading video ad film agency in Delhi, FlowInk Pictures can help you tell your brand story through creative and impactful ads.