Educational Videos

Videos have begun to command an increasing share of that teaching portfolio. A powerful means of delivering information, educational videos have become even more crucial in training employees to deal with the post-pandemic challenges of the corporate world. Corporate educational or instructional videos are designed in an interesting format to explain to the employees about company policies, technological updates, and disperse knowledge on a new product to the employees or a clientele.

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What does an Educational video look like?

It is important to keep educational videos concise, preferably 2-3 minutes, to retain the interest and focus of the learners to the very end. Dividing the video into crisp segments based on topics will be more engaging, rather than a monotonous rant.

However, the video format will vary from subject to subject depending on the target audience. It is of utmost importance to keep the target audience at the forefront.

If an instructional video is made to explain to your users how to use an application made by your software company, a step-by-step demonstration is the key. You can gain additional points with your client base by explaining the usage or benefits of each step. The video, in short, must be a complete guide to using the App and a fallback resource whenever required.

Similarly, videos can be made for a product that the company is selling. There can be separate videos to describe the product, elucidate its benefits, and how to use it in such cases. Alternatively, you can make a brief video with crisp segregation of the details mentioned above.

Although educational videos are usually animated, they could also be whiteboard explainers, live-action videos, talking head interview videos, screencast videos or text-based videos.

It is recommended to keep the language of the video casual, mimicking a typical interaction between an individual and the viewer.

Choosing the right kind of visuals, voice-overs and music can be a bit tricky but are essential factors that make the video look seamless and appealing. Heavily customized graphics and interactions reflect a sense of high production values. Using subtitles boosts the diverse audiences’ learning experience. After all, everyone watching the video may not be fluent in the audio language.

Importance of Educational video

Study shows that instructional videos are 90 per cent more effective in helping the learner understand and remember the information.

Given how tricky it can be to make a high-end educational video, simplifying the content and engaging at the same time, it is advisable to take professional help.

  • Videos have become an integral part of the blended form of learning, even in the corporate world.
  • It is of utmost importance to keep the target audience at the forefront.
  • Depending on the subject, instructional videos can be in varied formats.
  • Good quality, concise videos set a high standard for your product and brand among your audience.

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