Case Study Videos

The purpose of case study videos is to capture the success story of a product or service through the experience of a customer or a client. In doing so, it highlights the efficiency of the product and creates an impression on prospective buyers .

We all know the potential of word of the mouth. They travel faster and serve as a convincing tool to market and promote the product. Case Study videos function in a similar fashion with all the added advantages of a video.

After all, watching existing satisfied customers talking about their problems and how your product and services helped them find solutions can not only inspire but also compel potential clients to give them a try. Case Study Videos thus, is a great marketing tool, and a very powerful one at that.

What does a Case Study video look like?

In most cases, a case study video looks like an interview of the customer telling the audience about their positive experience and how the product helped in achieving the goals.

Such videos can be either direct Testimonial whereby the customer answers the interviewer’s questions about their experience. Or, it can be a Review dealing with specific aspects of the product. There are also Narrative case study videos which involve interviewing the customer, graphical representation, and B-roll visuals presenting the practical usage of the product.

It is always recommended to give a glimpse of the product or services in the video and shots of how it helped the existing client make a difference.

Additionally, a case study video can also be animated, especially if you have a service that can’t be showcased without animation.

A good video must focus more on how your product or service resolved a customer’s problem, rather than generally highlighting the benefits and features of the product. Usage of sufficient statistical figures and graphs to back your claims will add wonders in convincing a customer into buying your product.


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Importance of Case Study videos:

Study reveals that over 80 percent of marketers have found case study videos to be effective and highly persuasive in selling their product.
In a video format, about 95 percent of the content is more effectively consumed by the potential customer. Case study videos being stories of satisfied customers is more persuasive and builds trust for the product and your brand.

It gives credibility to your business.

Case study videos may not always be only about satisfied customers. You can also add information on the background story of your company or brand. Getting to know you and your products better will help the potential customer feel more comfortable with the idea of buying them.

Needless to say, short informative videos are always more appreciated and widely shared rather than lengthy texts. Having repeatedly seen your videos on social media platforms will make your brand and services commonly known to all.