Published On: November 8, 2016

Although businesses have come to understand the importance of video, a lot of them shy away from getting one. The oft-quoted reason is that they lack the know-how and have limited knowledge about the entire process of getting a video made.  Relying on a video production company is a way out, but you might still not feel very confident. 

However, the process of video production is quite simple and ideally, very streamlined. Since videos are of various kinds, the journey should begin with finding a video production house which makes the kind of videos you need.

If you are not looking for a TV commercial or web commercial, you can easily bypass the advertising agency and save money. For any other kind of video, be it an overview or introduction video, an animated explainer video, a successful case study, a brand promotion video, and most often, even a web commercial, a good corporate video production company is just what you need.

The criteria for choosing a suitable corporate video production company are their:

  • Past work
  • Flexibility
  • Turn-around time

Once this has been dealt with, the video production company should ideally take you through the following steps:


a) Ideation: This is where you discuss your requirements, objectives and target audience. The video production company should always keep you in the loop while finalising the key references for the video and the action plan of how to proceed.

b) Scripting: Based on the project requirements and after you have answered a brief questionnaire shared with you, a professional scriptwriter is assigned with the task of preparing a bespoke script.

c) Storyboarding: To help you visualise better about how the end product is going to look like.

d) Recce: To make sure that the video production company is fully prepared and the best video is captured on the day of the shoot, it will perform a reconnaissance of the location where filming will take place.


FlowInk Pictures explains its corporate video production process


a) Filming: Everything that has done to date with the scripts and visual planning, this is where it all comes together. Trust the video production team to do the magic with their tools.

b) Voiceover: If the video requires a voice-over, you should be given options to choose a voice-over artist and the voiceover is recorded.

Post Production

a) Editing: The video footage is assembled and edited by the video editor to ensure that the video is crisp and conveys the right message.

b) Graphics and Animation: The graphics and animation is then added to the video footages to enhance its visual appeal and value.

c) Music: Finally, a suitable music is added.

After your final feedback is incorporated, the video is ready to be broadcasted on your preferred media. See, it’s really very simple. Now packed with the power of your corporate video, you can engage your target audience, inspire them and compel them to take action.

FlowInk Pictures is a full-service video production company and your one-stop shop for all kinds of video requirements with a penchant for corporate video production. You can see some of the different kinds of corporate videos that we have made by clicking here.

Still have doubts? Get in touch with us through our contact page and we will be happy to help.

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