Published On: November 18, 2016

Hospitals or healthcare institutions, like any other kind of service-based establishment, aim to offer their services to more and more number of people. While there is a humane aspect in offering these services, what is often neglected is the material aspect of its existence which is equally important for the sustenance and growth of these institutions.

Videos can become an extremely important and useful tool for healthcare institutions to reach out to build a rapport with their prospective patients and train their team members. Here are the 5 types of videos that hospitals and healthcare institutions must have:

Commercials: The commercial style video is usually 30-45 seconds and aims to build an instant connection with the audience. The video is often catchy and focusses on the most important aspect of the healthcare institution that needs to be highlighted. This could be the latest technology being employed, qualified team, CSR initiatives, region-specific and so on.

Corporate Videos: These kinds of videos are usually more than a minute and gives you ample time to talk about the various aspects of the institution, your services, team and other ways you are making a difference in the healthcare sector.

Patient Testimonial Videos: These kind of videos are easy to make and extremely useful in adding authenticity to your outreach program. This is how you make your happy patients your important brand ambassadors.

Educational Videos: The functioning of the various systems of our body is often too complicated for a layman to understand. While a visit to the doctor helps us understand our problems, it is also important to make the patients aware of their problems and help them take better care of themselves.

Medical Animation Videos: This type of video is important for training purposes as well as to educate patients about complex details. The audio-visual medium helps people understand and retain the information better.

Whether you are a multi-specialty hospital or a clinic it is important to pay attention to your marketing and promotional strategies to build a trustworthy and long-lasting brand presence. These videos grab attention and add a layer of authenticity. They can be played on the web, social media, waiting rooms, for training purposes and also to attract the best doctors and staff to work in your team.

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