Published On: November 2, 2016

Nobody has really asked us this question although it sounds like the most natural thing to ask. After all, when there are so many video production houses around who and why would someone need FlowInk Pictures?

Well, now that we have pointed it out, it really does sound like a good question to ask, isn’t it?
Did we start FlowInk Pictures with the ambition to become the best video production house in India? Or did FlowInk Pictures come into existence because making videos is all that we know?

Maybe this is true and maybe this is only a part of the whole story.

Our answer to this is this simple video: What is FlowInk Pictures all about?

We believe in the power of videos: No really, we do. Videos, for us, are not substitute to written content or simply a means to increase google rankings. For us, a video is that unique product of the modern world where technology, art, entertainment and business- everything comes together. It is the most powerful and evocative medium of communication ever developed.

We want to trigger a change: There are a lot of things in our world which is not quite right or needs some kind of improvement, revamping or a total makeover. A lot of people out there are making the change possible. Videos are our way of contributing to this change. You might ask what kind of change do we inspire when we make a simple corporate video. We do. We believe that each and every company that exists is trying to solve a problem and our videos help them reach their goals better and faster.

Videos are beautiful: Our target is always to make a video that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. You must have come across that oft-quoted line: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. That’s precisely what keeps us moving- the constant need and desire to create something beautiful. In our videos, we try to create a world which captures the beauty of the real world and builds upon it.

So, FlowInk Pictures could be making a company profile video or a live event video, or it may be a product promotional video or an app explainer video, but our target is always to create beautiful, powerful and socially-relevant videos.

And as far as the thing about the existence of other video companies is concerned, yes, there are definitely a lot of video production companies in India and we do aspire to top that chart. But that’s because we are a little selfish and want every beautiful thing to bear FlowInk Pictures’ mark.

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