Published On: December 22, 2020

Before we address ‘when’, let’s first answer: Who needs an explainer video?
The simple answer is- EVERYONE.
Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, every organization needs an explainer video. It’s a no-brainer really. As long as you want your business to grow and evolve, as long as you want to tap into new markets or at least penetrate deeper into old markets, you will need explainer videos.
Whenever there is a new product or a service or a new customer who wants to learn about your business or your product(s), it is imperative for a business to explain itself as precisely and in as little time as possible. And what better way to get your audience hooked than a video!
An explainer video is really your very first step into the world of corporate video communication.
With more and more people using the Internet, the need for video is only set to grow. That is why organizations from all over the globe have risen to the occasion and incorporated videos in their growth and marketing strategies. And it has paid, rather bountifully. Videos are a win-win proposition for businesses as well as their customers. It is effective, engaging, flexible and the results are measurable. What more could one ask for!
But what does one really mean by explainer videos?
Anything that explains your product, service or even idea is an explainer video. They can be rendered through animation, whiteboard, live shoot or mix-media. There are really no rules for how it should be treated visually. It all depends on your message, audience and budget.
There may be a number of occasions when a business feels the need to get an explainer video made. Some of the most popular ones among them are when a business wants to:
Introduce a product: Whenever the business wants to roll out a new idea or a concept or a product, it needs to communicate it clearly with the target audience. Whether it is for internal or external purposes, explainer videos help in describing the need, use and application of that particular product or service.
Market a product: Good decisions are always the ones that are well-informed. When the customer doesn’t understand the product well, chances are that they won’t buy it. If a business wants its customers to favor them above their competition, they should explain their products well. Only then the business stands a chance at converting a lead into a customer. An explainer video can make them comfortable with it and convince them into buying or using it.
Enter a new market: Entering a new market is akin to entering new, uncharted territory. The explainer video would not only introduce the product but also help you evaluate the audience through their response and reaction to the video. A positive response would mean that the proposed product or service has a real demand. But even if the response is not as expected, it can offer a great opportunity to re-work or remodel or repackage the product to suit the demands and requirements of the new market. The explainer video can give you a good insight into the audience’s psyche.
At FlowInk Pictures, we create explainer videos for all kinds of businesses. You can watch some of our most popular explainer videos on our Portfolio page.

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