Published On: February 15, 2021

India is a growing market which means there are more and more businesses trying their best to be known and capture the attention of their target audience. As a small business yourself, you know how important it is to attract and engage your customers. You have probably even tried many ways of marketing and promoting your services and your company. But have you tried videos?

Maybe you have thought about it but let the idea go because let’s be honest, which small business has that kind of a marketing budget to blow in a video campaign?

Maybe you planned for it but didn’t where to start and so, now you are stuck.

Or, maybe you have made up your mind but you don’t know which are the different kind of videos that would work for you.

First thing first, videos don’t mean ads alone. And second thing, with Internet being such a powerful force, not leveraging it by marketing a video that promotes your business is a grave mistake. Whether you are an online business or an offline business, you can’t discount the benefits of videos. And this is because your audience is online even when they are making their purchase offline.

Let’s look at the three kinds of videos any small business should and must have:

1. Product Explainer Videos: Explainer videos are powerful tools that explain, demonstrate and promote your product or services. Imagine you have a potential customer who wants to know more about what you offer, how you can help them solve their problems or the ways you add value to their life or business. You want to tell them all that, right? You are thinking if you could answer all these questions satisfactorily, you will have a very big chance of converting them into actual customers. But here is the catch. They don’t have the time to go through your entire website, read your product page or go through a boring presentation. They have already moved on to your competitor. What’s the score? You- 0 Your Competitor- 1

Now suppose you had an explainer video to guide them. It would help them recognize their problems better, understand the solution you offer and convince them to give your services a try. The sale has activated immediately. It feels wonderful, right? Let’s give it a try then.

Product Explainer Video- Animation

2. Company Overview Video– Do you know what makes humans, human? What sets us apart from other organisms? It is the love of a story. Human beings love stories and many believe that was the main purpose of speech faculty. What if you could give your customers a story about your company? They would be able to see the human face of the organization, relate with it and develop an emotional association with it. And before you lose sleep thinking about whether you have an interesting story to tell or not, let’s tell you this: the journey of a business from its first few steps to what it has become always makes for an interesting story. A company overview video can help you bring that story to life. It can tell people who you are and what you are here for. And all this makes a company overview video very, very important. It is the easiest, most straightforward and simplest way to strike a chord with your audience and build a rapport.

3. Customer Testimonial Videos: Once you have earned happy customers, it is time to let the world know how you helped them. Now, getting a customer testimonial video may sound tricky but it really is not. Just find a customer who has really been benefited from your product and is very happy with your services. Not difficult at all, right? If it is possible to measure the impact of your services in quantifiable terms, even better.

Secondly, it is preferable that you shoot their story in their space. It really adds to the authenticity of what they have to say and makes them more comfortable. Lastly, do not feed them stories. It is always best to capture their natural flow and an honest review. Of course, you can edit the story later to make a crisp video.

Customer Testimonial Video- Small Business

Bonus Video: Another video that you may consider is a how-to video. It is especially important for those companies which have a new product or those who feel that their customers would have a difficult time figuring out how to use their services. The how-to video will breakdown the entire journey into steps which are easy to follow. These videos are really cost-effective. They might not generate leads, but they can convert leads into customers very quickly.

How-To Explainer video

One final tip that will always help you maximize your returns on videos is not stopping at one video. It is crucial that you keep nudging your customers through videos at a regular interval. And if you are thinking, where will the money come from to commission these videos. Please understand that getting a video made is not very expensive these days and plus, the returns are multifold.

Whether you are starting out or running a business that has been there for many years and have finally decided to leverage the power of videos, FlowInk Pictures can help. We pride ourselves in making videos that are cost-effective, engaging and targeted to your specific customer base.

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