Published On: November 27, 2016

Businesses and enterprises have a constant need to explain themselves, their ideas, products, processes and services to various stakeholders. But you must know from your experience that a simply written content or instruction manual has never been as effective as you want it. Reason: Very few people want to read. And if they do, there are chances of miscommunication.

What’s the solution?

A corporate explainer video! An explainer video doesn’t simply educate your audience, it creates an experience they can feel and retain for a longer time. The audio-visual medium reduces the chances of miscommunication by leaving less to the imagination.

But explainer videos can be of different kinds depending on your preference, purpose and budget. We have listed down some of the most well-known and the most effective types of explainer videos here:

Screencast explainer Videos: This is a simple and the most basic kind of video which uses captured images from your website or mobile app screen to help people navigate through any process step by step. Many believe that they can make a screencast video themselves. While this is true to an extent, we think that getting a professional team to work on it can enhance the video quality by several notches. For example, a screencast video made by FlowInk Pictures uses some animation to highlight important features, add catchy transitions, an appropriate voiceover and suitable background music to make your explainer video look professional and attractive. Don’t worry about the cost. This still remains a budget-friendly option.

Motion Graphic Explainer Videos (without character): These kinds of videos are extremely useful in introducing a new idea or concept to a wide audience. You don’t need a character so it is relatively easy and quick to make. These kinds of explainer videos are usually fun, catchy and quite effective in keeping the audience attention as you go on explaining your idea.

Motion graphic Videos with character: If you a particular kind of audience in mind that you want to target, this kind of explainer videos can be your savior at explaining your product, idea or service. It is easy to relate thanks to the story weaved into the narrative to talk about the problem, solution and benefits of your product.

Live shoot + Animation Explainer video: There are two myths around explainer live shoot videos which often makes people a little hesitant to use them. They are:

Myth 1- Explainer Videos are always animated videos.

Myth 2- Live shoot videos are too expensive

However, there are plenty of explainer videos made around the world which do not cost a bomb and are very effective in helping the audience connect with the brand and the content immediately. There is an obvious and understandable way in which a live shoot video can help the audience instantly relate with the character and their story with animation filling up the gap wherever needed for the best presentation and results.

There are definitely more ways of putting across or explaining your ideas, such as infographic videos or whiteboard animation videos. Make sure that the style of your explainer video is always according to your preference, purpose and budget.

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