Published On: February 1, 2021

Year after year, numerous surveys are done and quite expectedly each one of them proves that video consumption has quite literally exploded. CEOs, marketing heads, advertising gurus have unanimously accepted the power of videos and the impact they can have on their business. But the story doesn’t end there. To be able to leverage and capitalize on the multiple benefits of videos, it is equally important to have a video strategy in place.

At FlowInk Pictures, we have come to understand that all businesses are different and therefore, the kind of videos that work for each of them is also different. A simple way of finding out what will work in your particular case is by knowing your audience well, the exact message you want to convey, the level of awareness among your audience vis-à-vis the product and the platform you want to use to market these videos.

Once you have a fair understanding of all the above, you are now ready for the next step, i.e. getting a video made. Since videos work better than text any day and offer better returns on investment, you need to start the process as soon as you can. After all, in times such as ours, where winning matters the most, you can’t afford to be left behind. 

Here is a list of the five most important kinds of videos that every business needs to stay ahead in the game. The list is based on three criteria: the returns they offer, their acceptability in the market and the important purposes they serve for your business.

1. Explainer Videos: The moment one says explainer video, the first thing that comes to mind is animated videos. But that’s not how an explainer video is defined. Quite simply, an explainer video needs to explain- it could be animated, live shoot or a mixed media video; the form is immaterial. However, the purpose of this video, which is the most important thing, is to explain the challenges the customer faces in the present world and how your product or company can help them solve these problems. Sometimes, your audience is not even aware of these problems. In such cases, the explainer video can help them identify these problems and demonstrate how one can solve these problems and add value.

Here is a quick example of an animated explainer video:
Animated Explainer Video

And a stock footage-based explainer video

2. About Us (aka Company Profile Video or Corporate AV or Brand Video)

An ‘About Us’ video can mean different things to different organizations. It is really an umbrella term and one, without clearly defined boundaries of what can be included and what can not be. But since as a general rule, it is considered that the shorter and crisper the video, the better will the performance be, it is advisable to keep the company profile video to the point and concise. It can include the history of the organization, what it stands for, achievements, certifications, major customers, products and services it offers and so on. You may choose to include or exclude any of these and you can still have a winning About Us video.

Since not everyone would be willing to sift through numerous pages or hear an hour-long presentation, an About Us video can help you condense the information and distribute among your audience through online or offline modes into easily consumable content.

Here is an example of a company profile video of a manufacturing company
Corporate AV or Company Profile Video

and a mixed-media About Us Video
About Us Video

3. Social Media Videos: Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way you don’t know about the power and reach of social media. If brands want to be discovered and discussed, there can’t be a better platform than social media right now. Social media videos are not awesome only because they help you reach your customers without burning a hole in your pocket, but also because they are quite flexible. All you need to do is break down your message and present it in a video form. The style could range from simple typography to simple animation, to ads and commercials. The best way to go about these videos is to put together a campaign that has one or two main videos followed by small, eye-catchy videos of 10-15 seconds each. Both kinds of videos are important- the first type launches the campaign and the second type keeps you constantly in the feed of your audience.

Here are a few examples:
Social Media Video for a home interior company
Social Media Video for a publishing company

4. Customer Testimonial Videos (aka Case Study Videos or Customer Stories): Who doesn’t like a happy customer? But you what is better? A happy customer who can endorse you on camera. The appeal of a good story has always fascinated humankind. Customer Testimonial Videos have a way of touching the audience through their authenticity and emotional connection. It helps a business establish credibility for its brand and the services it offers.

Here is an example:
Customer Testimonial Video for an Air Purifier brand

Case Study Videos are slightly different as they tend to focus on illustrating the value that your services have generated for the customer. Usually, a case study video is commissioned when the results can be measured not only in terms of qualitative improvement but also actual, factual comparable results (read numbers). But in either case, customer stories can uplift your brand image and create a trust for your brand.

Here is an example:
Case Study Video for a software company

5. Promotional Videos: As the name suggests, a promotional video is meant to promote. It could be an app, an idea, a product or service, an event or a contest- anything and everything you can think of. Promotional Videos are a better way to catch the attention of your customers, generate leads and promote your brand and services among a wider audience. These videos are easy to market and easy to consume. If you are wondering, how much you should spend on a promotional video, there is an easy way to decide. It should be proportional to how important is the message you are promoting for the business. If it is a regular contest or an event, it doesn’t demand a lot of spending. But if you are looking to promote your app or your core services, you should be prepared to invest more time, energy and resources in it.
Promotional Video for a campaign
Promotional Video for an event

A video ad commercial is a very crucial video category that promises high returns. The intent of an ad commercial is to promote, entertain and build a connection with prospective buyers. It is a highly useful way of creating brand recall and has the potential of going viral. Driven by strong and effective messaging, an ad commercial presents a strong case for being included in the marketing strategy. Whether this ad film is for TV or digital media, is a call that marketing managers need to take based on the type of audience they want to target.
Ad Film for an online insurance aggregator
Ad Film for a financial platform

If you know what kind of video you would like us to create, write to us at [email protected]. But if you are still not sure which video you should begin with? That’s okay too. Allow us to help. Contact us here for a quick chat.

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