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FlowInk Pictures helps you create impactful testimonial videos that offer insights into the impact your solution creates for the client.

We could have only done this with Avaya!
Testimonial Video

Technology has made communication fast, seamless and efficient. When a hospital was looking for a technology solution to make communication between members of staff and patients better, they found the right fit in solutions provided by Avaya.


The company wanted to create a video to showcase the use of its products and services in real-life scenarios. The idea behind the project was to increase the audience’s awareness about the product, its applicability and the benefits that companies can derive from using Avaya products.


Testimonial videos are a very effective tool to make people believe in what you have to offer. We planned and executed this testimonial video wherein we showed Avaya products and how they can be used in an actual hospital setting. The video has actual customers speaking about the problems they faced before using the product, their reasons for choosing Avaya, the process of installing the products and the advantages of using them. The 3-minute video covers all aspects of the product and its usage.

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Client: Avaya/Sung Technologies/Medharbour
Treatmet: Liveshoot Interview