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Partner Testimonial Video

Take a moment to notice the many ways we use technology to make life simpler. From banking to ordering, interacting with friends to booking an appointment with the doctor, technology has made everything convenient. Buying insurance has also changed in the last few years as we adopted online instead of offline methods. With this change, the role of insurance advisors changed too. As insurance companies and aggregators promote their online platform, they also depend heavily on insurance advisors and POSPs to cover the last mile and interact with the buyers. This is a testimonial video of an insurance partner associated with one insurance aggregator.


We live in a world driven by competition. As such, the insurance sector also has many players and insurance advisors and partners choose the company they want to work for after closely evaluating the pros and cons. Since even today, a high percentage of policies are booked through these agents, it is important for insurance companies to engage and incentivise them.


FlowInk Pictures created this testimonial video to showcase the success story of an insurance advisor. The video focuses on how InsuranceDekho changed the partner’s life by offering simple-to-use platform, valuable leads and support. Such testimonial videos are obviously high on authenticity and reliability. A true story of success makes a great story that has the power to convince the audience.

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Client: InsuranceDekho
Category: Live-action