Project Description

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Rural Ad Film

Technology is a great enabler. In rural areas where access to medical facilities is still a challenge, the company is solving the problem through teleconsultation. It is a remarkable step in bringing health and happiness in the remotest corners of the country.


Due to the lack of awareness and a lower literacy rate, people residing in remote areas often find it difficult to access good medical facilities. The company wanted its teleconsultation service to bridge the gap in medical infrastructure in these pockets. They were looking for a medium of communication that could help them break down the message into simple and relatable content.


We created this rural ad film in the style of an explainer video where two women discuss their problems and the solution. The idea is rooted in everyday life with which the audience can easily relate. The ad film promotes and explains the remote doctor consultation facility provided by DocOnline in association with Satin Credit.

FlowInk Pictures took care of the entire video production process of this project. This included conceptualization, script, voiceover, casting, set design, filming and post-production.

This ad film connected well with the target audience and helped the brand achieve its marketing goals by making communication simple and easy to understand.

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Client: DocOnline
Treatment: Live-shoot