Explainer Videos

Businesses constantly need to explain themselves, their ideas, products, processes and services to various stakeholders. Most of the time, written content or an instruction manual fall short of doing the job efficiently. That’s why explainer videos make such an important case. An explainer video doesn’t simply educate your audience; it creates an experience. The audio-visual medium helps the audience process the information quickly and lowers the chances of miscommunication. Whether you are a startup, SME or an established company wanting to explain your product, service or operation, there can’t be a more impactful medium than an explainer video that guarantees definite results.

What does an explainer video look like?

An explainer video can be in the form of animation, live-action, even stock-footage based or a generous mix of all. Everything depends on the purpose, audience and budget of the project. When it comes to explaining a service, animation videos offer flexibility in representing abstract or intangible ideas. But when we have a product to explain, it is better to capture how it looks through actual images or footage.

Like every video, while deciding what the best treatment for your explainer video is, it is essential to keep in mind that it should be interesting, engaging and capture the message.


Why is an explainer video important?

What is the point of creating a great product and letting it fade in obscurity? An explainer video helps the audience get comfortable with the product or services, and a clear and comprehensive demonstration can build trust among the viewers.

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How long should an explainer video be?

In an explainer video, the length of the video is a very important factor. The simple answer is keep the video short and simple. You might be extremely passionate about your product or service but you also need to account for the ever diminishing attention span of your audience. Therefore, always try to limit your explainer video in the least amount of time. Ideally, the explainer video should be 30-90 seconds long.

  • The efficacy of explainer video is unparalleled. It is a great tool to explain your product or services in a precise and effective manner.
  • Having an explainer video for your product or services is no longer a choice. It is absolutely necessary to have one.
  • Keep the length of your explainer video anywhere between 30-90 seconds.
  • An explainer video can be animated, live-action or even, stock footage-based.

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