Project Description

FlowInk Pictures, a leading corporate video production company, takes pride in delivering impactful employee engagement videos for corporates. As a part of the corporate anniversary video campaign for Acuity’s twentieth year, we proposed capturing the experiences and insights of employees and leaders in the form of videos.

Such corporate video humanizes the brand, building trust among existing employees and extending an inviting hand to potential talents. Dive into the narrative as our Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) articulates the importance of an inclusive workplace and the values that define company’s work culture.

The Significance of Employee Engagement Videos:

Employee engagement videos serve as invaluable tools, bridging the gap between human resources and marketing teams. These videos go beyond recognizing contributions; they inspire trust and paint a compelling picture of the company’s future, inviting potential candidates to be part of the journey.

The Corporate Video’s Role:

Corporate videos, in essence, humanize brands, fostering a deeper connection with stakeholders. For Acuity’s twentieth anniversary, the objective was to capture the organization’s work culture and ethics to its existing and future employees, clients, and partners.

CHRO’s Spotlight:

Recognizing the CHRO as the ideal spokesperson, FlowInk Pictures orchestrated a video where the Chief Human Resource Officer expresses gratitude to the individuals shaping the organization. The video seamlessly captures what makes Acuity an exceptional workplace, encapsulating the essence of its work culture.

FlowInk Pictures is thrilled to unveil this inspiring corporate anniversary video, marking two decades of excellence for Acuity. By placing the spotlight on the CHRO’s message, we’ve woven a narrative that not only recognizes the organization’s achievements but also celebrates the people who define its success. At FlowInk Pictures, we redefine corporate narratives with a touch of human connection through our videos.

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