Corporate Leadership Video

Employee engagement videos are a valuable tool for both the human resources as well as marketing teams of the company. It builds trust, encourages the existing workforce by recognizing their contribution, and invites potential candidates to see a future with the organization.

CHRO speaks on the need for an inclusive workplace
Corporate Video

Corporate videos humanize brands. These videos are useful tools that help in creating a bridge between the company and its stakeholders.


To mark the twentieth anniversary of the organization, the company wanted to create a video describing the work culture and ethics that it stands by. The audience of the video was its existing and future employees, clients and partners.


We realized that the best person to speak about the company’s culture, ethics and workplace will be none other than its chief human resource officer. In this video, the CHRO thanks the people who make the organization and describes what makes the company a great place to work. The short video encapsulates the essence of the work culture at Acuity in an engaging and efficient manner.

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