Published On: January 27, 2017

Scrolling through Facebook feed has become one of our favourite ways to pass time these days, be it during the metro ride or while waiting for your friends or even while going through the routine chatter of your roommate as she gushes and ravishes about her handsome colleague. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have become new ways of consuming news, information and entertainment. And more than half of the content that we are consuming is in the form of video.

It won’t be wrong to say that it’s literally raining videos on the internet. Research says that more than 13 billion videos are viewed on Facebook and YouTube each day. If you take into account the number of views on Snapchat, Instagram, twitter and similar apps or platforms, the amount of video content that is being consumed is mind boggling. This is 2017 for you where the headlines are not read, but watched! The trend is less than 3 years old and it’s getting ‘viral’ by each passing day. But why exactly are people suddenly open to consuming so much video content? One major factor driving this is obviously the penetration of Internet and smartphones. With faster internet speeds, easily available cameras and abundance of popular platforms to share content, creating and posting videos have never been so easy.

Internet Video playing on YouTube

Internet Video playing on YouTube

This has brought about a change in how people perceive and react to videos. People have grown more accustomed to watching videos, be it videos of their friends, videos of the celebrities they admire, brands they know, products and services they use. And mind it, all this is happening on the Internet, not on TV, not anywhere else, but on the Internet!

So how does all this affect businesses? It affects almost all businesses in a significant way and it will be suicidal for them to turn a blind eye towards this up and coming trend.

Businesses need to understand that this is a generation which does everything on the internet. So if it needs to communicate to this generation, it needs to do it on the internet. After all, it’s for the same reason businesses got their websites made i.e. to reach out to their customers and leave a compelling impression. However, getting a video made could be a costly affair and this is why a number of companies are reluctant to jump on the bandwagon.

Promotional Video by FlowInk Pictures

FlowInk Pictures Corporate Promotional Video

Thankfully, Internet has been a great saviour in this case. Remember the times when companies had to spend a significant portion of their marketing budget on Television commercials? Not anymore. Compared to Television commercials, videos meant for the Internet are quite budget friendly and there is an abundance of alternatives one can opt for, depending on their preference, purpose and budget. The days of being pressed for keeping to the time limit, Internet videos can be as long as five minutes and more, if required, Also, unlike spending a fortune in buying the most coveted slots, videos on the Internet can be more targeted and reap the advantage of the more democratic space that the medium allows. This is especially advantageous for smaller and mid-size companies with a limited budget. This means that you don’t need to burn your cash unnecessarily and, as it happens a lot of times, your audience can become your medium to share and spread your videos.

I couldn’t agree more with Mark Zuckerberg when he said that Facebook will be all about videos by 2019. Videos have a better chance at connecting with the audience and there are scientific reasons behind it. An entire generation has moved to this way of sharing and consuming content. It’s time businesses made the move.

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  1. Josh January 1, 2018 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    I do believe that Internet is changing the way we consume information and entertainment. I am glad that you put all these points together. Businesses of all kinds and sizes should read this and benefit from Internet Video Culture.

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