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Truebalance ke sang!
Ad film

Among all the stresses of life, getting financial help should not be one. We created this musical ad for Truebalance to spread the message about getting easy loans.


The purpose of the ad project was to break the clutter and create something that sticks with the audience. The brief was to create a memorable melody that was humorous and grounded in real-life problems.


For this video, we took inspiration from everyday life- struggles and challenges of middle class Indians. It could be for going for a family holiday, buying a new gadget or dealing with month-end kadki. The video keeps the message simple and straightforward and binds these situations through a memorable song.

FlowInk Pictures was responsible for the entire video production process including concept, script, casting, location, costume, music, filming and post-production

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Client: Truebalance
Treatment: Musical live-shoot