Project Description

World Health Day
Digital Ad

With modern lifestyle and stresses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to practice healthier habits. We created this digital ad to spread awareness about the need to make attempts, no matter how small, to change our habits and consciously make changes in our lifestyles.


Irregular sleeping routine, stress, unhealthy habits, reliance of junk food and addiction to gadgets has pushed us into living an unhealthy life. This is harming our body and resulting in various health concerns. But switching to healthier habits is difficult. It takes constant and conscious efforts over a long period time. The journey is long and challenging but there is hope.


Since the problem is rooted in reality and is faced by many of us, we wanted to keep the video realistic. We interviewed real people in this social experiment video who spoke about their real problems and challenges and why it is difficult for them to adopt healthier habits. Through this video, we want to keep the message real and urge people to change and set realistic health goals.

Client: Aster DM
Treatment: Live-shoot

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