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Project Description

This video is a product explainer and promotional video that FlowInk Pictures made for Elofic. Elofic has been in the filtration business for the last six decades. They invested their technical and industrial expertise in developing an air purifier that can solve the problem of air pollution in Indian homes.

The video explains through a real-life example and then gets into the technical specifications of the product. The video uses elements of live shoot and 3D animation to explain the features and drive home the message. In this first product video, the company wanted to educate people and distinguish itself as purifier makers.

At FlowInk Pictures, we strongly believe that videos are the most powerful media of communication. If you want to promote, explain or advertise your product and services through videos, we would love to come on board. We make promotional videos, digital ads, explainer videos, corporate AVs or any other video content that you can conceive of.

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