Project Description

National Doctors’ Day
Digital Ad

Every year the first of July is celebrated as Doctors’ Day in India. In this video, we pay tribute to our doctors and their services. It is said that a doctor is the first step to cure, however, we believe that every doctor is expected to do more than just cure their patients.


The video was created for Aster DM. As one of the leading names in the healthcare sector, healthcare providers are at the very core of everything that the brand does. Their role is more than diagnosing the ailment and prescribe medicines. How do we recognise everything that a doctor does over and above treating us?


Everyday the doctor meets different kinds of patients and every time they do more than what’s expected of them. They represent hope. We rely on them to give us the best treatment but these doctors also give us their support, assurance and patience. That is why, in this video, we wanted to thank them for everything they do for us and more.

Client: Aster DM
Treatment: Liveshoot

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