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Project Description

Entrepreneurs and business leaders often found themselves overwhelmed with tasks, leaving little time for their own responsibilities, until Chatterboss entered the scene. FlowInk Pictures was given the task of communicating the benefits of Chatterboss in an exactly 60-second video.

FlowInk Pictures’ Solution:

Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the challenge, we crafted a concise yet impactful video, lasting precisely one minute. Our aim was clear: introduce, describe, and persuade business leaders to embrace Chatterboss. The key was creating engaging content that not only captured attention but held it until the very end.

Our Sophisticated Animated Video:

In the era of digital marketing, we all know brevity is key. Our sophisticated animated video swiftly communicates the core message, offering an overview of Chatterboss and its transformative services. We highlighted the problems it solves and the benefits it promises to deliver, ensuring a comprehensive understanding in the shortest time possible.

Results: An Instant Hit

The success of our animated video surpassed expectations, resonating with the audience and earning instant acclaim. Business leaders not only comprehended the essence of Chatterboss but embraced it as a solution to their time management challenges. The video’s engaging narrative and visual appeal made it an instant hit, reaffirming FlowInk Pictures’ commitment to delivering impactful content.


In the fast-paced world of leadership, every second counts. FlowInk Pictures’ animated video for Chatterboss stands as a testament to our ability to distill complex messages into concise, engaging narratives. Join us in the transformative journey of communication, where our videos not only convey solutions but become instant hits, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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Client: Chatterboss
Treatment: Animation Video
Industry: Technology