Project Description

Myth: Ads need actors and live-action.

Although most ads we see involve live action, an animated commercial also promises measurable results. While deciding which route to follow for your next ad or promotional video, you can keep the following in mind:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What is the amount you can spend?
  • Content
  • Video Treatment

It goes without saying that knowing your customer precedes all other questions. Only when you know about your customer- age, geography, lifestyle, etc and have set aside a budget for the project, you should move to the content of the video and the treatment style. Answering the first two questions narrows down the options and helps you understand the kind of content that your audience prefers. The video treatment is also decided by the preference of your customers, budget and the content you have in mind.

People usually dismiss animated commercials as childish or insincere that befits children or explainer videos. However, animated videos are quite cost-effective and offer a high degree of flexibility. In a world where there are tons of content churned every second, you can break the clutter and make your company stand out by choosing an animated commercial with a compelling story to tell.

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