Project Description

World Heart Day
Ad Film

We usually attribute emotional thinking or irrational behaviour to the heart. Heart is always the crazy one which is responsible for the stupid choices we make. But is it really the heart’s doing or just us while our poor heart takes all the blame?


On the occasion of World Heart Day, Aster Labs, one of the fastest expanding networks of laboratories in India, wanted to send out a message urging people to take better care of their hearts. Our heart is one of the most important organs. But unfortunately, our heart often has to go through a lot because of our poor lifestyle choices. That is why, in recent times, the average age of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases in going down. The brand wanted to raise an awareness in a simple, yet effective way.


We identified the common things that most of us can do for a healthier heart. A few changes in the habits can greatly improve the health of our heart. The ad depicts some of these scenarios and the alternatives that we can opt for to stay fit and healthy, and young at heart.

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Client:Aster Labs
Treatment: Live-shoot