Project Details


Project Description

FlowInk Pictures, a premier advertising agency, once again crafts an emotionally resonant narrative for Truebalance’s personal loan app. This captivating ad transcends the transactional nature of money, delving into the profound impact it has on our happiness, wishes, and the realization of our dreams.

The Money Challenge:

Leaving behind the conventional approach to advertising financial products, here the challenge was to shift the narrative from mere transactions to the emotional fulfillment that money facilitates. The goal was to inspire the audience to pursue their dreams and desires fearlessly, unburdened by financial constraints.

FlowInk Pictures’ Creative Solution:

Enter our captivating video, meticulously crafted to showcase scenarios where financial limitations could impede hopes and dreams. Truebalance’s personal loan app emerges as the solution, empowering users to effortlessly secure loans with just a few clicks. Our video not only reassures viewers but actively encourages them to embrace life’s moments of happiness without the shackles of financial worries.

A Holistic Approach to Video Production:

FlowInk Pictures took the reins of the entire creative process, from conceptualization to execution. Our team handled every aspect, including concept development, scriptwriting, casting, selecting locations, crafting the perfect musical score, filming, voiceover production, and seamless post-production.

FlowInk Pictures is proud to be involved in Truebalance’s impactful personal loan app campaign. By reframing the role of money in our lives, the app empowers individuals to pursue their dreams unapologetically.

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Client: Truebalance
Treatment: Live-shoot
Industry: Finance and Technology