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Money plays a very important role in our lives. With money, we don’t only buy a commodity, sometimes we also buy happiness, fulfill our wishes and make our dreams a reality. This ad for a personal loan app highlights the many ways money can make us happy.


The client wanted to go beyond the transactional value of money and focus on the emotional aspects of owning something through money. By granting small loans, the personal loan app wants its audience to go ahead and fulfill their dreams and desires without hesitation.


In this video, we show scenarios where money could come in between our hopes and dreams. Thanks to Truebalance, one can now get a loan with a few clicks. The video urges its audience to stop worrying about money and enjoy the little moments of happiness in life. The marketing video was conceptualized and executed by FlowInk Pictures. From concept and script to casting, locations, music, filming, voiceover and post-production, everything was handled by the video agency.

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Client: Truebalance
Treatment: Live-shoot