Project Description

International Mothers’ Day
Digital Ad

Moms are special. This ad is a homage to all those mothers who are always busy taking care of their children and family. We created this powerful ad film to urge all moms to take care of themselves the same way they care for us.


In pop culture, moms are usually shown as taking care of everyone. Occasions such as mother’s day these days remind us that we should take care of them too. But one day in 365 days is not enough. The ad reminds us that moms need to take care of themselves the same way they care for us without feeling guilty or selfish about it.


We wanted to normalize the idea of a mother taking care of herself through this video. The message of that ad is simple, yet needs to be put out there in the world. It’s okay for mothers to take some time out for themselves and take care of their own health and well-being like booking a test. Through this ad film, we wanted to encourage all mothers and women to go ahead and invest in their own happiness too. Aster Labs is helping moms empower themselves by making it easy to book a check-up without having to step out or depending on anyone.

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Client: Aster Labs
Treatment: Live-shoot