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Pot the difference!
Ads and Commercials

The month of October is observed as the Breast Cancer Month. The aim is to spread awareness about the disease and encourage people to talk about and women to seek help and medical care.


Although breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, the amount of awareness around it is shocking. Given that it is such a sensitive and intimate issue, people, and especially women, do not want to talk about it. As a result, in most cases, the symptoms are neglected. While early diagnosis can greatly increase the survival rate, the hush-hush culture around breast cancer is not helping anybody.


The campaign “Spot the difference” urges women to notice even the slightest anomaly in their breast which can lead to early diagnosis. The video encourages women to do regular self breast check to spot a difference, if any. The ad subtly mentions the importance of these small issues that can make a big difference. Therefore, one should spot the changes in their body early on and seek necessary medical help.