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Choosing the right life insurance policy is never an easy decision. We created this ad film for PolicyX featuring the cricket legend Virender Sehwag to promote the unique way in which the company helps insurance buyers decide a life insurance policy.

With so many insurance companies in the market, buyers often get confused while choosing the correct policy for themselves. Although there are a number of insurance aggregators which list down plans and policies, comparing them and taking an informed decision demands technical knowledge and research. PolicyX has dedicated insurance advisors who can be trusted and help the buyers make a choice that suits their needs.

We created an ad featuring Virender Sehwag, an ace batsman who has engineered India’s win on several occasions. The expert batsman’s personality matched well with the message highlighting PolicyX as insurance experts. In the ad film, the cricketing champion endorses the insurance advisors of PolicyX and says

Tools: Live-shoot
Client: PolicyX