Product Videos

A product video showcases your product or the service. The key focus is to give an overview of their features, benefits, usage and acquaint the audience with their look and feel. In recent years, videos have turned out to be the king of content, as they are more engaging and easy to consume. Good product videos are informative and evoke a need to procure the product in the customer.

Studies show that an average 85 percent are more likely to make a purchase after watching an impressionable video. A direct yet interesting and creative video will definitely boost the sales more than other modes.

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What does a product video look like?

It is recommended to highlight how the product will bring a change in the life of the customer rather than portraying the product alone. The video should touch upon the problems that the potential customer is facing and how it can help in solving those problems and give a better experience.

Detailed explanation of the product with step-by-step demonstration, explaining how it functions always works in your favour. Also, instructions on how to use the product keeping in mind the existing customers will help build the trust of the potential customer on your after sales services.

Involving the creators of the product to relate the journey of making it, narrating their urge to build the product boosts the customer’s confidence. Engaging existing customers to relay their experience in the video can also be added as many customers often tend to believe more on reviews than on direct marketing.

You should also consider customizing the video for a diverse audience- based on age group, area of sale etc. to help in directly connecting to the target customers.


How long should a product video be?
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The shorter a product video, the better. Optimally, a product video can be anywhere between 30 to 90 seconds. However, in-depth explainers can be as long as 7 to 15 minutes. Product videos can also be made keeping in mind the demands on social media platforms, whereby the same video must be customized based on the platform it is being shared on. These videos can have animation- character or whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and even screen casts in case the product is an application or a digital service, or live-shoot involving actors. The bottom line is that the videos should be engaging. An enthusiastic voiceover in the apt tone goes a long way to evoke the senses of the viewer and to engage him/her to watch the video entirely with proper understanding.

  • A product video must prioritize on highlighting the unique selling point (USP) of your product. It must be made creative and interesting for the potential customer to watch every bit with interest and enthusiasm.
  • It must be simple yet compelling enough for the customer to make a purchase or at least decide to purchase your product by the end of the video, over any other similar products available in the market.
  • A ubiquitous product video can be a game changer. Hence it is important to distribute it widely.