Ad Film Campaign: Quicksell

Quicksell Video Campaign
Ad Film

The Internet and technology have brought about significant behavioral changes in users. Quicksell is one such platform that gives the advantage of the latest technology to traditional offline businesses. We created this humorous ad film targeting retailers and wholesalers to give this new platform a try.


Packed with a lot of useful features, Quicksell needed to put the word out about its product. This was among their first video campaigns and it was important to educate as well as entertain people to generate awareness about the product. The challenge was to break the habit, urge offline businesses to try a new approach to selling. Since old habits die hard, it was not going to be easy to trigger a change.


We kept the idea rooted in the milieu of our audience so that they can instantly connect with the story. The story was based on a situation that often occurs with the audience on a regular basis. The tone of the ad is humorous so that it does not sound serious and educative. We wanted the audience to think of the product as a simple and fun tool that makes their life easier. Therefore, through humour and a simple concept, the ad delivers its message. The ad was an instant hit and tremendously helped generate leads.

The entire video campaign was conceived and executed by FlowInk Pictures. We took care of the entire video production process:

a. Pre-production: Concept, Script, Casting, Location
b. Filming
c. Post-production: Editing, Color Correction and Grading, Music and SFX, Voiceover

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Client: Quicksell
Treatment: Live-shoot