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Project Description

In its latest ad film, FlowInk Pictures has woven a touching narrative that amplifies the brand message through digital storytelling. Their latest creation, an emotionally charged video for a fin-tech client, showcases the indomitable spirit of a father determined to give his special-needs son a life filled with joy and opportunities.

The Narrative:

The video unfolds with a poignant scene featuring a cute young boy who, despite facing a special condition, finds solace and joy in watching his father play the harmonium. The father, in turn, discovers moments of happiness witnessing his son’s zest for life, unmarred by his medical challenges. However, the plot takes a turn when the father realizes the hidden talent within his son, sparking an unbridled joy that knows no bounds.

Financial Challenges:

As the story progresses, the audience learns about the financial struggles the loving father faces in providing for his son’s medical needs. Undeterred by the constraints, he takes a bold step, deciding to overcome the financial hurdles for the sake of his child. In a heartwarming twist, he opts for a loan from a digital lending platform – the fin-tech client in focus.

The Fin-Tech Solution:

This is where the fin-tech platform becomes the hero of the tale. By providing the means for the father to secure a loan, the digital lending platform enables him to fulfill his son’s medical requirements. The loan, portrayed not merely as a financial aid but as a gateway to a better life, symbolizes the platform’s commitment to making dreams achievable. It paints a picture of hope and resilience, emphasizing that with the right financial support, any challenge can be overcome.

The Happy Ending:

The video concludes with a heartening resolution – the father’s perseverance pays off, and the bond between the father-son duo reaches its happy ending. The emotional connection forged with the audience resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impact.

Audience Reception:

Unsurprisingly, the ad has garnered immense love and appreciation from the audience, who found themselves emotionally invested in the touching narrative. The story’s universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams have solidified the fin-tech platform’s brand value, resonating with viewers on a personal level.


FlowInk Pictures’ latest creation underscores the power of emotional narratives in advertising. The seamless integration of the fin-tech platform’s services into the heartwarming story ensures a strong connection with the audience. As the video continues to touch hearts, it stands as a testament to the impactful synergy between creative storytelling and effective brand representation, cementing the fin-tech client’s position in the market.

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Client: Truecredits
Treatment: Live-shoot
Industry: Digital Lending/Loan Platform