Corporate Films

Corporate Films (or Brand Videos or Company Overview Videos) are a uniquely interesting way of capturing behind the scenes of an organisation. While ads and promotional videos aim to market the product or service, a company overview video focuses on the team, their passion, and their vision that guides the end product. It offers a human connection and introduces the people and the ideas that make the company. Therefore, a great brand video should always try to capture the essence of the organisation, its journey, achievements, work culture, guiding principles and vision.

What does a Brand Video look like?

A brand video or a corporate film typically is a live-shoot video, and it usually has interviews of the organisation’s key members representing multiple voices and departments. Since a brand video has a broad audience-internal and external- it should be comprehensive and keep all its audience in consideration. Although most of the company overview videos have interviews of upper management, it helps to give voice to younger employees and new joiners to make the message holistic and attract talent.

But can a corporate video be without interviews? Absolutely. You will be surprised to learn that a corporate video often uses a professional voiceover throughout the video to communicate the brand message.

Is the treatment of a corporate video always live shoot? Mostly yes, but sometimes companies have also used animation or a mix of live shoot and animation for their company overview video. This is especially the case when the video needs to focus on one important thing: the range of services, mission and vision, or journey and milestones.


Why is a company overview video important?

A corporate video presents a holistic picture of the organisation. It is used to spread awareness, humanise the brand, build trust, connect with your various stakeholders and attract talent to join the organisation. One video with many uses! The real question, therefore, is when are you getting one?

How long should a corporate film be?

Deciding the length of a company overview video is no less than walking on a tightrope. Balancing between the ever-diminishing attention span of viewers and the urge to go on talking about something you have built with love and grit is difficult. But the advantage here is that anybody taking the time to watch your corporate film is already at least a little interested in knowing about the organisation.

Typically, a corporate film is anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes which is a good length because the audience does not feel lost and can retain most of the information supplied through the video. However, if you feel the urge to go on and take the video to 8-10 minutes, it’s not a sin. But make sure to divide the video into internal sections and have a clear layout so that the audience can recall essential bits of information.

  • Company overview or brand video is a must.
  • Usually, a corporate film is live-shoot, but it can also be animated or a mix of both.
  • A company video can have interviews or entirely or partially narrated by a voiceover artist.
  • Ideally, a company profile video should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • The video should have a clear layout to connect and retain without getting overwhelmed.

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