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Stop hemorrhaging your time and start running your business!
Animated Explainer Video

Leaders often find themselves with too many things on their plate. When every task is vying for attention, it becomes difficult to get everything done. Chatterboss is a virtual assistant on demand that can help you manage your workload an optimize your resources for the best results.


For entrepreneurs and business leaders, finding the time for their own tasks is difficult, getting them to understand the product was going to be almost impossible.


We created this video of less than one minute to introduce, describe and persuade business leaders to try Chatterboss. It was very important to create engaging video content that could hold the audience’s attention and get them to watch the video till the very end. We created this sophisticated animated video to communicate the message in the shortest possible time. It gives an overview of the company and the services they offer along with the problems it solves and the benefits it promises to deliver.

The video was loved and enjoyed by its audience making it an instant hit. If you are looking for a similar animated brand video, get in touch with us today at 9625500791 or [email protected]

Client: Chatterboss
Treatment: Animation Video